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What is PuttView?

PuttView is your visual toolbox for putting practice! The Augmented Reality System provides visual feedback on all important parameters of a putt (read, line, speed). In order to calculate a putt and display it, we scan your green and save a 3D model in our software upon installing the system at your facility. The user controls the system through an interactive tablet app, selects the putt he wants to play and chooses from a large variety of visuals to support his practice. Our customers are Beginners, Tour Players, Academies and Universities. PuttView enables engaging putting practice for everyone.

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The Process to get you up and running.

Initial Consultation

As a first step, we give you an introduction to our technology and advise you what configuration and green option suits best the needs of your facility. Fill out the contact form to get in touch and schedule a call.

Online Demo

If you have not yet experienced PuttView, we offer a live online demonstration of our system. One of the founders of PuttView will introduce you to the available functionality and answer any questions you may have.


Whenever you are ready to pull the trigger, we need a signed confirmation and a deposit payment to prepare your installation. Usually, we complete your installation 8-12 weeks after receiving your order, so it will not be long till you can #PracticewithPuttView.

Detailed Planning

Benefit full support from our installation team! They will provide you the best possible PuttView experience and make sure the technology sits well in your facility.

Installation and Training

All services including hardware and software required to get PuttView up and running at your facility are part of our offering. After completing the installation, our team will train you in using PuttView.



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